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My husband and I gave his parents one of Lucy's amazing custom glass bowl creations. We presented it to them at their 50th wedding anniversary party, to much acclaim. Not only do his parents treasure the bowl, their friends also couldn't get over the beauty and the extra attention to detail and love that went into creating it. We had provided Lucy with photos of family members (dogs included) and she transformed the images onto glass beautifully, only in the colorful, joyful and artistic style of Lucy Rose Fischer!  The bowl is prominently displayed at my in-laws' home.  It's a beautiful reminder of family bonds captured in time in a work of art!  Melody C, Edina, MN


Last year your talents were used in two bowls that we presented to retirees at our conference.  I’m thrilled that you are willing to embark upon a similar project again.  Your starfish bowls were absolutely treasured by the recipients last year!  Charley N,  Red Wing, MN


We wanted to do something special and unexpected for my mother's 75th birthday. The bowl “From Generation to Generation”  was amazing—how you captured the personalities of each family member and most importantly thought how to still include my father who passed several years before. The anniversary picture of him and my mother, painted in the background, completed our family portrait. Every time I look at her bowl, I see one more detail that I love.  Ellen Z, Chicago, IL


Lucy Rose glass art is close to magic.  It is heavy and light; new and old; transparent and opaque; realistic and imaginative; traditional and inventive; collaborative and individualistic.  The work is absolutely true and completely impossible.  A perpetual source of wonder! Helen K., St Paul, MN


Lucy Rose Fischer is an exceptionally talented artist and is a pleasure to work with.  She was able to take a general idea about designing a whimsical bookcase and develop drawings for and then create the marvelous "Peacock Blue Bookcase."  She painted the entire unfinished bookcase, top, sides, and front in a marvelous design.  Her attention to detail included painting the inside of the bookcase and the shelves in a perfectly matching color.  The front glass panels, in her unusual approach of painting "inside out," perfectly fit within the scheme of the entire bookcase.  Lucy Rose has a marvelous eye for color and design and I would recommend her for any custom design art work. Deborah S., Minneapolis, MN


  We have both commissioned and purchased art created by Lucy Rose. The Miriam's Cup adds beauty and color to our Passover table and we love the glass painted TeaPot personalized with our dog's image which she created for our teapot collection. Her art brings joy to our life and our home. Barbara R., New Hope