Art by Lucy Rose Fischer



Inside-out, Upside-down & Backwards.  I don’t really stand on my head to create my glass art—but I do paint figures with their heads down and their feet up.   With reverse-painting, the colors and designs that are in front are painted first. Words are also printed backwards—including my signature!

Toothpick Tossing and Texture. I draw with toothpicks—scratching lines out of the pigment. As each one gets used up, I toss it in the air—until my work bench is littered with painted toothpicks.  I also use plastic wrap and a painter’s comb to create texture—always working quickly while the paint is moist and flexible.

Paper Dolls. For glass designs with people or animals, I begin with sketches.  For commissioned pieces, I work from photos or life.  I often do dozens of sketches to capture the “essence” of many individuals in a group.  When the sketches are good, I size them, flip each image and cut out “paper dolls” to place on the glass.  Then I sketch the figures backwards and upside down on the glass.