Art by Lucy Rose Fischer


I create personalized glass-artworks for celebration—for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events. The fluidity of glass with the vivid colors in my paint-collage technique provides a unique form to capture your memories.  For information, please contact or 952-925-0649.

50th Anniversary Bowl
This bowl was purchased by a couple for the husband's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  It shows the couple and their children, sitting in their living room with red walls.  It is based on sketches and many photos of the family members and their living room.


From Generation to Generation
This bowl was commissioned by a family for their mother to celebrate her 75th birthday.  It included 3 generations of family members.  The sketches were based on photos sent by email.


How Awesome is This Place
This wall art was commissioned by a businessman in Houston for the Jewish Community Center of Houston in memory of his wife who had died young.

“How awesome is this place” comes from Genesis 28:17. Jacob has a dream of angels going up and down a ladder.  When he awakens, he realizes that he has been in a holy place. 

The music is from a chant composed by Rabbi Shefa Gold. The nine panels represent the cycle of the Jewish year, with Shabbat and the holidays.

The panels are made of fused glass and the frame and notes are made of metal.7’ h x 4’ w